Welcome to Aftergraduate

About Us

We are an organization who are dedicated to bring you a new concept of career development beyond a mere job search portal. We started in 2006 with the vision of providing excellent staff augmentation and recruiting resources for our niche demand for our clients. We have successfully delivered numerous projects that helped optimize our client's business processes. Since then we've earned accolades and in depth knowledge about recruiting and developing 'Human Capital' through appropriate training and guidance. That's where it all began with a dream where users like graduating students seek help of a web portal which is user-friendly, free provides options to improve their skills with advanced coaching. After intuitive research and development we designed 'aftergraduate.com' – it’s an innovative approach to enhancing knowledge and placement beyond graduation.

Our Mission

Is to design a portal that will help every graduating student shape their future, guide them to the next step to becoming a successful professional through advanced training, networking with industry experts and customized job search. On the other end of the spectrum it will provide a platform for trainer, employers to reach out to the students who needs them.

Our Vision

Is to provide a unique experience for our users to explore career development opportunities through the entire perspective. Our values are aligned with the needs of our users who can be an employer, a student or a trainer.

Our Team

We are an enthusiastic bunch of folks who like to think 'Outside the box'. We challenge ourselves to bring the best for our clients, guests and users. We work hard and play hard too. Our team comprises of members who are seasoned professional and are industry experts bringing forth fresh ideas, technically sound to utilize new technologies to bring the best service for you.